Prairie organic grain production has been in a state of severe supply shortage for the past several years, leading to instability and extreme price fluctuations. Processors have either cut back on their organic products, or sourced ingredients overseas. Some processors have even turned to other ingredients like “natural” and “GMO-free”, undermining the organic brand. Supply has been slow to meet demand partly because there have been no major campaigns to increase organic acreage or improve organic production.

The Prairie Organic Grain Initiative, a partnership of the three Prairie Provinces, with funding from the industry-supported Prairie Organic Development Fund and matched federal funding, seeks to resolve this supply shortage using a three-pronged approach to introduce stability and resiliency into the sector.

Goal of the Prairie Organic Grain Initiative:

To achieve resiliency and stability while growing the organic sector in the Prairies by focusing on both quantity and quality of organic grains and developing relationships across the value chain.


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